5 Mindset Areas for Cleaning Business Ownerssource: https://www.cleanstart-consulting.com/blog/5-mindset-areas-for-cleaning-business-ownersThere's something special about a New Year, turning the page, ramping up new ambition, shedding the pounds gained over the holidays, or dreaming of writing a phenomenal story in the coming year. As I have gotten more familiar with the coaching world, I see so many mindset coaches out there! Goodness, there's probably a coach for every minute of the day. Yet, what draws people like you and me to a mindset coach? Well, the positivity for one. The building up of good thoughts and the putting aside of negativity.Here are five areas to help you get further in 2021As a brand new business owner, you take on practically any clients. There are pros and cons to this. The pro is that you get to see what types of service you like to do or types of clients you get the honor to clean for and sometimes a few of those memorable clients that you'll avoid in the future. (Hey now! We all have stories!) The con is, if you're not careful, you can quickly be taken advantage of. Say "yes" when the pros emphatically outweigh the cons. Remember, time is something you never get back, so hold your head high and know you DESERVE to get quality pay for quality work! You and I are continually pouring ourselves into our team. Make sure you are growing and learning alongside them, both personally and professionally. You'll inspire your team as you share authentically what you're learning about yourself. This mindset will move you from a 3 to a 10! Seriously, a game-changer when you know exactly what you want your services to be known for. I hear too many stories of people who try everything under the sun to add more value to their business. It might seem like a win if you do everything: laundry, windows, cleaning, the carpet steam cleaning, etc. But be cautious. I know a company that did a move out cleaning and had to rent out a dumpster. It was just her and one other person. Whew. Or I heard a company that decided to add outdoor windows. I was told they didn't have a high enough ladder, so he pushed his pickup truck to the back of the building and held the ladder down on the truck's bed while another person climbed to the tippy top to clean. Yikes! I see catastrophe right there and the potential for grave injury, and will the insurance cover damages related to an accident like that? A good boundary to use is to look and see what your insurance covers or doesn't cover.I know it's so tempting to say yes to every job inquiry. You have a big heart, want to serve people well, and have a business to run with employees who depend on you. But know your limitations; your team will thank you! ;) If you take a job, and you don't have the appropriate tools or expertise, it could end up costing you. People hire you because "you're the expert." And when a job they want to be done is not done professionally, well, it will hurt your reputation. Be content with the niche you've found. You want to pivot or add down the road, do a trial run, and work through the feedback and results before scaling it, but the rule of thumb is don't take a job you wouldn't be willing to clean alongside your team. And trust me, there were many jobs in my first few years of business where I thought I'd gone insane, but you know I was right there with my team and said, "not happening again!" We know the buck stops with us. If we are not leading and delegating effectively with our team and effectively communicating with our clients, we have no business! But I also think we struggle with practicing the vital need to take care of ourselves. You've heard the phrase before, "you can't pour from an empty cup." Find time to care for your mental and physical health. This can be getting up at 5 am to meditate and exercise before the workday begins, or you can set boundaries of how late you will take calls or look at your email.