Choose Wiselysource: remember the brief passing-by conversation with my former boss in December of 2013. I had just sat down with him talking about giving law school a rest (I hadn't gotten in to the school I wanted, and I was devastated). I mentioned, "Andy, (former Attorney General and current Kentucky Governor) thinks I should start my own business of some sort. I think that's a terrible idea," to which Craig replied, " I don't think it's a bad idea at all." It was the fear of hiring someone I did not really know. Would they work as hard and as detailed as I tell my clients we do? Would they value our client's treasured belongings as if they were theirs? Would they show up when they were scheduled to work? Would they not steal? I'm so glad I didn't let that real and big fear stop me. Here I am, almost seven years later, with a team throughout the years that I absolutely LOVE! Yes, there have been transition, as some have stayed for different seasons; others graduated college and moved on, while others have stayed for more than half of the business's life. I am just amazed. Who you hire directly correlates with the outcome of success, and your company will have both in the short scheme of things and longevity. This is what I say because I believe it with my whole heart when I have to say we're not available: "You know me. I'm super picky, and really care who is in my clients' homes. It is a huge honor to clean and be in your homes. Unfortunately, that means we're more limited than I wish when it comes to scheduling. Thanks for understanding!" Recently a client responded: "❤️❤️ I appreciate that you are super picky. Love your business model, and of course, all of you!!"