How to Save Money In Your cleaning businesssource: month set aside a specific calendar day to analyze your book. Yahoo! I'm sure that thought brings you lots of joy? Ha! Nope, if you're anything like me, you would rather clean or meet new potential clients than bookkeeping. I get it. But it's a key-must- do to move from just making sales to ensuring you make a PROFIT! As you look over your bank statements and bookkeeping software, ask yourself these two questions: Are there areas that you can trim which are non-essential to your company? Have you signed up for an app or subscription you forgot and have not utilized like you thought you would have? In keeping with being authentic, I'll tell you I just did the second question and realized I had $36.99 monthly app charges that I can easily do away with. Yes, it was helpful in my business at one-time, but for one reason or another had found another way to get this service or product with something else I was already paying for. Here Are The 5 Areas To Save Your Cleaning Company:1. Buy Reusable productsWe will save over $3K yearly (in 2020) on just ONE product- Feather Dusters! Every other week my operations manager gets six boxes of Swiffer Feather Dusters from Costco. No more! In 2021 we will switch over to these tremendous reusable fleece dusters. Check out some of those fantastic reviews on Teresa's Etsy page. *I do not get a commission for sharing this product, but I love to support Small businesses! 2. Buy WholesaleYou want to ensure your products and solutions are of high quality, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your bank account! Speak with manufacturers over the phone or email for wholesale discounts. Or, if you buy from a physical store like Whole Foods, ask for a case discount at the register. 3. Prioritize Buying Equipment or Software over Holidays I purposely wait for sales to happen when I require a vacuum or a more expensive item to help operate my business. After following individual companies for a while, I know when to buy magic erasers or mop pads. Budgeting and setting aside money each month helps me wait for holidays or holiday weekends to buy more than one item. I also set a reminder to look for a particular piece of equipment around the next upcoming holiday when I knew this tool might be close to being on its last leg. 4. Reexamine Cleaning Route Schedules Consider the travel routes between the client's homes, so you and your employees find a more gas efficient way to clean. We have multiple teams throughout the day clean, so we optimize efficiency to the best of our ability and our clients' schedules to keep homes as close as possible. Your team will also thank you! 6. Keep a Record of Your Work MileageUse a Mile Tracker like MileIQ to keep records automatically of trips between homes, office and supply errands, etc. Mileage is honesty, one area I repeat in team meetings they should do to help save themselves money, but rarely does it happen. Maybe I should throw a raffle gift card out there to get them on board because they are just losing money. The IRS website for standard Mileage Rates for 2021 was released on Dec 22, 2020. 2021Beginning January 1, 2021, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickup trucks, or panel trucks will be: Medical, moving purposes for qualified active-duty military members of the Armed services .16* down 1 cent from the rate for 2020 in service of charitable organizations .14* statute and remains unchanged from 2020. Do you have another area you could recommend that has saved your business money? I'd love to hear it and give a shout out for your business tip on our Instagram page! @cleanstartconsulting